Monday, May 18, 2015


His rage was all they could see. Fists pounding into bone. Broken and bleeding lives, left in his wake. Their vision was a blurr. From heartbreak to hatred. He expressed himself with crimson hands. He embraced their accusations. But she saw the sun dance on his golden waves, the crooked smile that played symphonies on his face, the eyes reflecting seas of emotion. He was the moment when their fingers touched, or he was nothing at all.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fly Away

I wonder if everyone has an expiration on the amount of time they can stay in one place. Do we all hit a point when we need to float away? To escape the people around us? To start experience change. A whole different world, free of responsibility, away from all of the frustration. A peaceful place, where we feel loved and respected. Somewhere to feel beautiful.

Every town has a limit. One city can only do so much for you. Then it's time to move on, to experience something new. An adventure is calling your name. Wide spaces or city skylines. Somewhere to call your own. At least for a time.

I've outgrown this place and these people. I've overstayed my welcome. This is not my home. I have nowhere to call my own. I am a wanderer.